Freitag, 8. Februar 2008

The red shoes

I stand in the ring
in the dead city
and tie on the red shoes.
Everything that was calm
is mine, the watch with an ant walking,
the toes, lined up like dogs,
the stove long before it boils toads,
the parlor, white in winter, long before flies,
the doe lying down on moss, long before the bullet.
I tie on the red shoes.

They are not mine.
They are my mother's.
Her mother's before.
Handed down like an heirloom
but hidden like shameful letters.
The house and the street where they belong
are hidden and all the women, too,
are hidden.

All those girls
who wore the red shoes,
each boarded a train that would not stop.
Stations flew by like suitors and would not stop.
They all danced like trout on the hook.
They were played with.
They tore off their ears like safety pins.
Their arms fell off them and became hats.
Their heads rolled off and sang down the street.
And their feet – oh God, their feet in the market place -
their feet, those two beetles, ran for the corner
and then danced forth as if they were proud.
Surely, people exclaimed,
surely they are mechanical. Otherwise...

But the feet went on.
The feet would not stop.
They were wound up like a cobra that sees you.
They were elastic pulling itself in two.
They were islands during an earthquake.
They were ships colliding and going down.
Never mind you and me.
They could not listen.
They could not stop.
What they did was the death dance.

What they did would do them in.

Anne Sexton
eine der Besten


Ray Gratzner hat gesagt…

Eindringlich, die Schuhe sind metaphorisch gemeint?
Eine Lebensweise wird von der Großmutter zur Mutter auf die Tochter vererbt. Alle fühlen sich wie im Zug...

Ray Gratzner hat gesagt…

Hi große Vorsitzende, wann ist die Blogpause beendet? Deine Fans brauchen Input.

Die Große Vorsitzende hat gesagt…

... der sie nirgendwohin führt; jedenfalls nicht zu sich selbst.

Hi Ray,

ich habe meine Prüfung nun hinter mir und in der Wohnung kann man auch wieder den Boden sehen... Es gibt nun einmal auch ein Leben jenseits des Blogs.